1. How do you find locations to explore? - Patience, persistence, and good luck, which includes getting tips from you!

  2. Do you ever break into locations? - Absolutely not, we only enter locations that are already accessible. 

  3. What's the Urban Explorer's code of ethics? - We take only photographs, and we leave only footprints.

  4. Can I purchase prints of your images? - We sell professionally output archival prints. Please contact us for current pricing or licensing information.

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ur-ban: 1. Of, relating to, or located in a city. ex-plo-ra-tion: 1: To travel for the purpose of discovery
2. Characteristic of the city or city life. 2: A careful systematic search

"Latin urbấnus, from urbs, urb-, city. "

"ek-spl&-'rA-sh&n, -"