TUL Alias: Cooper

Location: Montreal

Decay & Abandonment Gallery

Investing in pro equipment in '92 started it all. From then on Cooper started taking pictures of everything and anything, from portraits and macro, to architecture to landscapes. Then in '97 it was the awesome sight of the decayed Canada Malting plant in his home town of Montreal pulled him into the world of Urban Exploration. From that point on the urban landscape has been the target for most of his work. His early move to high-end digital photography opened up a whole new world; no more restrictions on the number of photos, no more pricey wasted shots... Now it's all out war on urban scenery; shoot first, ask questions later.

All photography on this website is best viewed on a properly calibrated monitor (gamma 2.2). If your monitor is calibrated correctly, each of the 16 boxes below (from black to white) should be clearly visible.